Howard Richard Lieberman

Innovation Collaboration Specialist



Founder CEO, ESCAtech Media Inc. 1994-1999

Truly Making Information Perform™

An Innovation Collaboration Company

ESCAtech Media Inc. was a full-service multimedia communications and technology company for high-tech companies with a need to demonstrate complex concepts in an emotionally engaging yet accurate way to communicate new product messages.

Managed teams that delivered digital collateral materials to more than a dozen Fortune 1000 companies that needed to deliver complex messages.

Initiated and delivered very early Networkable CD-ROMs for Amdahl, Internet kiosks for Walmart (Sam's Club Division) and Adaptive Video Walls for 3Com and Cienna. Conceived of and created an interactive adaptive media delivery architecture and applied it to projects for Tektronix, Walmart, Apple and Bose.

Escatech used technology to tell persuasive media-rich stories. A diverse media wrangling team delivered dozens of multimedia presentations that achieved business objectives.

Developed Proprietary Technologies

Spheres Architecture™ based on concept of self-contained linkable multimedia objects called "Spheres” which gave multimedia the intelligence to interact with people.

ESCAmixer--Cross-platform real-time sound mixing. Unique ability to deliver a satisfying glitch-free, high-quality sonic experience on a PC.

Sound Specialists

Complete audio production facility on premises, including a digital recording studio and isolation booth with equipment and creative people on staff to do photography and video and an in-house programming staff for challenging custom coding needs.

Every project was a custom innovation collaboration job combining technology, business and the arts.

Escatech Media Inc.