Howard Richard Lieberman

Innovation Collaboration Specialist



Howard has had a strong preoccupation with music for fifty years which led him to a natural progression from physics to engineering to teaching, inventing and founding companies.

A bit of a digression: if you have made it this far, are curious about how I came to enter this innovation path and also stay on the music path, permit me to speak to you in the first person as it will be easier.

In short I discovered at an early age that music and sound had a profound impact on most people and was (and still am) very curious to learn what I could about why.


I took four guitar lessons when six and a dozen piano lessons when I was ten but had a very hard time accepting conventional drills, exercises and pedagogy.  Evidencing enough potential to be offered the opportunity to study composition at Juilliard when I was ten, my parents were fearful that music would not provide financial security, so I went to the park to play ball like normal ten year olds. Later it was obvious to me (and most teenagers) that music was another great way be "normal" and connect with people, so I bought a bass at 17 and a few weeks later was performing.

College Years

In addition to physics, chemistry and math, I enrolled in music theory and composition classes. Within a few months I was performing in bands, making lots of new friends (and money) and asking too many questions the music professors could not answer about sound. They sent me overto the physics department where I was so excited with the answers, that I became a physics major, the president of the CUNY, (City University of New York) Physics Society and also the vice president of the rock and roll club.

Next Decades

Music continues to be a fantastic social, emotional and intellectual pursuit so I resolved to perform three times per month and after thirty years found I had somehow performed over 1000 times in everything from rock to blues to folk to jazz, in every configuration from solo monsemble through conventional ensembles, created a custom concerts business, and accumulated a great number of musical instruments, as well as recording and other performance gear.  During this time I also became a professional acoustician, music technologist, media rich content creation and delivery specialist as well as an educator and business person.


At present I am taking music classes at Juilliard and still have a lot of questions.

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