Howard Richard Lieberman

Innovation Collaboration Specialist



First computer acoustician; moved Apple toward emotional relevancy in new markets through sound centric products from 1988 through 1993.

Innovation Highlights

Brought Apple from a computer company toward becoming an audio company with dual appointments as the electro-acoustical manager in engineering and as the worldwide product manager for audio, sound, DSP and MIDI in marketing. Joint appointment in engineering and marketing created by Chairman permitted Howard to drive conception, design, manufacture, delivery of:

1st Apple Powered Loudspeakers 140,000 shipped,

1st Apple PlainTalk Microphone (first speech recognition microphone 25 million units shipped)

Audio QC System for Apple Singapore Plant.

Integrated high quality loudspeaker systems into entire Apple product line from PowerBooks to Desktops.

Co-developed new computer transducers with venders, and helped JBL set up a new assembly line to support Apple products.

Apple Audio Video Monitor (1st computer monitor with built in speakers).


Began to convince Apple sound was critical to emotional relevancy in computers in 1985 when Manager of New Ventures at Bose by designing, constructing and demoing to Apple multiple prototypes of computer sound systems. By 1988 was an Apple Developer attending Apple Developer University while still employed by Bose.

Was non-Apple employee on AIFF committee, that defined the high quality audio interchange file format which persists to this day.  

Ended up working for Apple and after designing quality speakers and microphones into the entire product line, developed many of the software demonstrations for MacWorld, as well as many of the relationships with the Apple audio and music software developers.

The emotional relevancy provided by powerful sound integration has significantly contributed to Apple becoming the largest market cap company in the world.

Apple Inc.