Howard Richard Lieberman

Innovation Collaboration Specialist



Spent the decade from 1980 to 1989 at Bose to drive Bose from analog to digital audio technology, resulting in pioneering new large markets and means to reliably enter them.

Innovation Highlights

Brought Bose from an exclusively analog audio company into integrated digital audio systems.

Evangelized early digital audio measurement techniques combining acoustics and DSP to make portable systems facilitating new OEM division.

Conceived of and managed team that designed, developed, and delivered all electroacoustic subsystems for the first integrated digital piano, the Ensoniq-Bose Acoustic Wave Piano. Now a $2B annual market.

1st Virtual Product Manager, software product demonstrator using HyperCard running on a Mac 128 to internationally demonstrate Acoustic Wave Piano. Ultimately led to founding Escatech Media Inc. in 1994.

1st acoustic guitar amplifier for CF Martin Guitars; eventually resulting in founding Integrated Acoustics 1990.

Mr. Lieberman moved from computers and measurements, into research, development and strategic planning, and eventually become Bose's first Manger of New Ventures to connect Bose's R&D to create new business in the outside world.


In terms of internal innovation collaboration, managed engineering computer department which supported all of research and product development efforts. The R&D team consisted of an unusually talented group recruited in a unique manner: Dr. Bose, a popular and influential MIT professor, cherry-picked the most technically talented cream of the MIT crop. Bose also actively recruited many chief engineers of other audio companies, which is how Mr. Lieberman as the chief engineer of a smaller loudspeaker company called AVID came to Bose. Providing computer capabilities to this extremely diverse technical team created many life long relationships.

In terms of external innovation collaboration, Howard supported Bose' move to providing audio to major  car companies like GM, Lexus, Audi and Mazda as well as huge electronic organizations such as Zenith, RCA, Sony and Apple.

Bose Corporation