Howard Richard Lieberman

Innovation Collaboration Specialist



Dorado Network Systems, Co-Founder 1998 – 1999

Built new company on Escatech infrastructure to create adaptive content delivery. Provided leadership in the field of Self Service Customer Care applications by bringing adaptive dialogue and emotionally engaging multimedia content to the on-line mortgage application industry.

Made strides in applying psychophysical expertise in audiovisual and behavioral domains to the Internet.

Company was acquired by a publicly traded corporation in 2011.

Open technology platforms enable loan processing workflow and integrated mortgage finance transaction management for analytical decision making. The importance of the Dordao Platform is best expressed in the announcment of its acquisition by CoreLogic:

CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX), a leading provider of information, analytics and business services, announced today that it completed its acquisition of Dorado Network Systems Corporation in a $32 million dollar all-cash transaction. Dorado is a recognized leader in collaborative cloud computing applications and architecture to the financial services industry. CoreLogic previously held a 38 percent equity interest in Dorado.

With the acquisition, CoreLogic gains patented cloud computing-based technology that extends and accelerates the embedding of CoreLogic decision management applications into client operating environments, making transaction decisions faster, more automated, and more accurate. CoreLogic anticipates expanding these services to enhance its 360-degree approach to delivering improved loan quality and transaction transparency from point of sale through investor delivery to the secondary market. Additionally, CoreLogic will deploy Dorado technology into its strategic outsourcing business.

Dorado, which will operate as CoreLogic Dorado, provides a comprehensive suite of enterprise lending solutions that automates loan origination and consolidates internal and external service integrations into a unified process, connecting lenders, their partners and consumers through a collaborative, real-time workflow. Dorado technology not only automates data handling, but also facilitates the integration of real-time borrower, organizational and market information into mortgage finance transactions so that lenders, servicers, investors, and borrowers experience improved loan quality and transaction transparency.

Dorado Network Systems