Howard Richard Lieberman

Innovation Collaboration Specialist



Howard cofounded GII an international spinoff of SVII to consult in China 2011-2012

GII Mission: Accelerating China's Transformation as a Global Innovation Champion

GII was conceived to capture the momentum of China's present transformation into becoming a Global Innovation Leader. Several truly historic processes largely been missed by the international media were at work. First, China was opening commercially to the rest of the world. Second, China, a fountainhead of creativity and invention in ancient times, was becoming a powerhouse of invention and innovation in the 21st century. Third, this development had profound and potentially beneficial implications for the creation of abundance and prosperity throughout the world. GII aspired to play a part in creating a platform to support and to enable these powerful historic forces.  We were not only management consultants but innovation integrators creating special implementation units inside our client companies to drive the IPO process to successful conclusion, following a precise Strategic IPO Plan.

Innovation Integration

Most innovation around the world is dependent on the constraints of a “vertical” specialized discipline or base of experience—scientific, technical, organizational, financial, or legal. Yet, the great innovations can be found in the intertidal zone of disciplines. GII has developed a unique way of systematically innovating and integrating knowledge across a wide swath of fields and domains of specialty.

By impedance matching top people in different nations and industries through the extensive set of innovation-integration relationships GII has assembled into their Knowledge Network and proprietary process, unprecedented breakthroughs can be routinely achieved.

This requires not only the combined experiences of decades of innovation champions but the unusual level of conceptual abstraction achieved by GII principles through lifetimes that have been dedicated to innovation across industries as vast as finance, green tech, semiconductors, software, acoustics and audio, and from Washington, Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles to Beijing, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Companies that control hardware, software and supply chain can build unique brands that are extremely difficult to compete against. Many traditional companies that specialize in only one portion of the mix are discovering this to their stockholders' great concern.

Many of the companies that dominated the landscape twenty years are under attack from companies they never heard of ten years ago because they did not exist. The global business landscape is changing at an accelerating rate that is unprecedented. Innovate or Die has become a phrase on the lips of most business leaders. Soon innovation will not be enough, and then it will be Innovate and Integrate or Die.

Innovation Audits

GII conducted intensive internal audits to determine the innovation potential of our clients, based on proprietary platform of tools, methodologies, technologies, and processes. This discovery phase invites innovative insights that can be assembled into scalable business units with proprietary barriers to entry.

Innovation Risk Mitigation

Great innovations cause transformations. Champion CEOs accurately assess risks and benefits before embarking on a path toward innovation. Innovation is too powerful a force to entrust to amateurs or academics. The GII principals all had extensive experience guiding client CEOs through innovation processes and helping them spot innovation opportunities while piloting effectively through the pitfalls of Chinese company venturing out onto the high seas of the international commerce.

Global Brand Messaging Development

GII preparing clients to become Global Innovation Champions, GII provides global brand messaging and international website development services as a first stage deliverable for our clients. Itself a systematic, multiphase process, this deliverable assesses the effectiveness of the client's current brand message in the broader context of a global market, and helps to refine that brand message to best serve their objective of becoming a Global Innovation Champion. These insights are then transformed into a website as a first manifestation of their brand message tailored for an international audience.

Innovation-Driven International IPO

GII brings innovation to the IPO process itself. GII views an International IPO not simply as a vehicle to raise capital. Rather, the IPO process offers a disciplined way to generate and to optimally monetize the innovation premium, which itself is translated directly into higher revenues, higher earnings and higher stock prices over time.

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