Howard Richard Lieberman

Innovation Collaboration Specialist



Alphabetical order companies Howard has spent significant time working for, cofounding or founding:

Apple - in 2016 most valuable & perhaps most influential innovative company in the world.

Avid - Audio Visual Instructional Devices - in 70's world's largest supplier of airline headsets.

Bose - largest loudspeaker company in the world; created the market for high end OEM audio.

Clear Capital Management - Fintech platform company applying AI & signal processing to Wall Street.

Dorado - developed first online mortgages with early client Fannie Mae, acquired 2011.

Escatech - sound-centric, rich media, dominated audio company content development in 90's.

Global Innovation Integrators - far eastern oriented innovation consulting company.

Integrated Acoustics - developed first acoustic guitar integrated amplifiers, acquired 1992.

Interval - Interactive Visual Analysis Languages - first 4th generation signal processing language.


Howard has spent his entire professional life working within or creating innovation cultures, alternating between being an intrapreneur or becoming an entrepreneur. He has developed, co-developed, integrated or marketed numerous technologies, products and markets in every position or assignment and has enjoyed collaborating with a broad range of creative and innovative technical and business professionals.  

He has also worked collaboratively at intersections of business and government, business and academia, and business along with professional organizations such as the IEEE, LES, ASA, AES, CEA (now CTA) and USPTO, both domestically and internationally.

Mr. Lieberman has also spoken widely about audio, computing, innovation and collaborative innovation at companies, conferences and tradeshows.

Industry and Entrepreneurship